Manatee murder suspect arrested

October 25, 2012 

MANATEE -- A suspect wanted in the Aug. 5 shooting death of Ernest Curry, has been arrested, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

Haywood Edouard, 23, was arrested in Orlando by deputies with the U.S. Marshal's Office.

Edouard faces charges of felony murder and armed robbery, according to the sheriff's office.

Edouard and Curry, 22, were taken to Manatee Memorial Hospital for gunshot wounds on Aug. 5. Edouard was treated and released. Curry was later pronounced dead.

Detectives discovered Edouard, Curry and a third person were trying to "rip-off" another person in a drug deal in the 2600 block of Sixth Street East in Bradenton, according to the sheriff's office. Detectives believe Edouard, Curry and the person who shot them were all armed, according to Dave Bristow, sheriff's office spokesman. The men engaged in a fight, making the shooter "in fear of his life," Bristow said earlier this month.

At this time, the person who fired the gun is not facing shooting-related charges because he was acting in self-defense, according to the sheriff's office.

The unidentified person who accompanied Edouard and Curry could also face a murder charge, Bristow said.

Edouard is charged with felony murder for participating in a criminal activity, leading to the death of another involved party.

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