Bradenton Riverwalk is a great destination spot, especially for dog lovers

October 21, 2012 

Children were big fans of the colorful splash fountain in the Family Fun Zone.

Their parents appreciated it, too.

The retirees I talked to Thursday at the grand opening of the Bradenton Riverwalk enjoyed relaxing on the lounge chairs near the sand volleyball courts.

Teenage boys lined up to zoom through the skate park they said was the coolest thing the city has ever done.

Tucker was grateful for the doggy water fountains throughout Riverwalk.

He's our French bulldog.

While I scribbled into my reporter's notebook Thursday afternoon he enjoyed back rubs from pretty much everyone there.

My fiancee brought along his nifty water bottle, but in the 90-degree heat it didn't last long.

And Tucker's new best friend, Winston, was thirsty, too.

As Herald photographer Paul Videla noted, dogs of all sizes were in abundance during the opening day celebration for Riverwalk.

And, I'm sure at some point all of them needed a refreshing drink.

Fortunately, the Riverwalk designers at Realize Bradenton and Bradenton Downtown Development Authority didn't forget to add some perks for pets.

The easy-touch doggy water fountains are first rate. Just one more reason, if you're a dog parent, to become a regular at Riverwalk.

We also learned Thursday that YachtSea Grille on Riverfront Boulevard, where we had a delectable dinner, is pet friendly.

Same goes for basically all the businesses on Old Main Street, where we later enjoyed ourselves during Main Street Live.

Maybe elected officials should consider re-branding Bradenton The (Pet) Friendly City.

Works for me.

By the way, there are also plenty of poop bags and waste receptacles along Riverwalk.

Use 'em!

As one woman told me, no one wants to see this beautiful park ruined.

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