Real estate transactions $100,000 and lower for Oct. 14, 2012

October 15, 2012 

$100,000 Morley Joel Peter to Lage Bruce W, Lage Linda K, Blk 10 Tropic Isles Mobile Home Estates, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3220, Oct. 3.

$96,000 Branch Banking and Trust Company to Evans Steve D, Dietman Susan D, Estuaries II Unit A 405, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3546, Oct. 3.

$95,000 Cortez Park Homeowners Inc to Stoutin Donna, Stoutin Edward, Cortez Park Unit 46C, O.R. Book 02438 Page 6472, Sept. 28.

$95,000 Fleischer Joshua, Fleischer Heather, Dunham Heather Renee to Assha Antoine W, Assha Anita M, Lot 4 Blk C Kingsfield, O.R. Book 02439 Page 0574, Oct. 2.

$94,500 21St Street Investors LLC to Tracey Rapisardi Design LLC, Victoria Plaza Unit 13, O.R. Book 02438 Page 6532, Sept. 28.

$93,500 Bank of the Ozarks to Walker Leslie K, Leslie K Walker Revocable Living Trust, Vogelsangs Brasota Manor, O.R. Book 02438 Page 7608, Oct. 1.

$92,000 Yordy Nevin II to Cramer Chrisie D, Cramer Donna M, Lot 9 Braden River Ranchettes, O.R. Book 02438 Page 5853, Sept. 28.

$90,100 Bernhard Joseph F, Bernhard Joseph, Countrywide Home Loans Inc, United States Small Business Administration, Bernhard Deborah E, Bernhard Deborah, Bernhard Betty J, Bac Home Loans Servicing LP, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP to Federal National Mortgage Association, Shores Acres 2008-Ca-007567, O.R. Book 02439 Page 5596, Oct. 4.

$88,624 Country Club East Investors LLC to John Cannon Homes Inc, Lot 36 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, O.R. Book 02439 Page 1865, Oct. 2.

$88,315 Maruszan David E, Valente Charlene P to Winchester Donald R, Winchester Mary K, Blk 23 Century Estates, O.R. Book 02439 Page 0235, Oct. 1.

$88,100 Kaplan Florence to Boisvert Marvin, Rolland Sylvie, Gardens at Palm Aire Country Club Unit 204, O.R. Book 02439 Page 1526, Oct. 2.

$86,505 Hsbc Mortgage Services Inc to Hunsader Megan E, Palmetto Point, O.R. Book 02439 Page 6237, Oct. 4.

$85,000 Dalton Tuyet Thach, Dalton Thomas A, Tuyet Thach Dalton Living Trust to Williams Nancy L, Nazor Teresa A, Reiner Kathy L, Pt 34-33-17, O.R. Book 02438 Page 6785, Sept. 28.

$82,500 Scott Peter H to Moss Joshua T, Lot 12 Blk R Cape Vista, O.R. Book 02439 Page 2038, Oct. 2.

$82,200 Coffman Lola Y, Delk John, Ford Motor Credit Company, Greyfield Inn Corporation to Sill Walter F Jr, Sill Janet R, Lot 17 Twin Cities Resubdivision 2011-Ca-007929, O.R. Book 02439 Page 5328, Oct. 4.

$82,000 Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to WC Equity Group LLC, Lot 6 Blk D F C Whitakers, O.R. Book 02438 Page 7108, Oct. 1.

$80,000 Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Association to Delesline John T, Do Ray Villas, O.R. Book 02439 Page 6488, Oct. 4.

$79,000 Johnson Annelies G, Pfaff Christopher Reinhard to Pfaff Christopher Reinhard, Lot 79 Cordova Lakes, O.R. Book 02439 Page 4937, Oct. 3.

$78,800 Dune Fl Land I Sub LLC to Center Pointe Homes LLC, South Oak, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3027, Oct. 3.

$75,250 Spire David L, Spire Debra Kay, Spire Kevon L to Thomas Angel L, Blk 2 Fowlers Addition to Bradenton Florida, O.R. Book 02439 Page 2317, Oct. 2.

$75,000 Reilly Robert M, Reilly Andrew J to Lutz William C, Lutz Shirley, Heritage Village West Unit 412, 1, O.R. Book 02439 Page 4242, Oct. 3.

$75,000 Wilson Bernard C to Simpson Allene, Lot 3 Blk 7 Tropic Isles Mobile Home Estates, O.R. Book 02439 Page 1687, Oct. 2.

$73,000 Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to Martin Robert G, Martin Carman L, Lot 21 Blk 43 Holiday Heights, Second Addition, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3176, Oct. 3.

$70,000 Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Stull Beth A, Lot 178 Oak View, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3943, Oct. 3.

$69,000 Woodbury Steven H to Wilhoite Charles V, Martineau Kathleen L, Lot 11 Blk J Southwood Village, First Addition Replat, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3266, Oct. 3.

$68,000 Branch Darcy to Johns Robert E, Johns Pamela E, Grand Villa Estates, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3228, Oct. 3.

$65,299 Bank of America, Bac Home Loans Servicing LP, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP to Wu Xia, Ottaviano Joseph, Townhomes at Lighthouse Cove V, Unit 504, O.R. Book 02438 Page 6542, Sept. 28.

$65,000 Holcman Linda to Chartier Gary, Chartier Billie, Palms of Cortez Unit 18, O.R. Book 02439 Page 0199, Oct. 1.

$63,550 Central Park Lifestyles LLC Florida to Matthews Lloyd G, Matthews Jean, Lot 731 Central Park, O.R. Book 02439 Page 5100, Oct. 3.

$63,000 Pawlisz Barbara Cybulski to Wellenberger Richard P, Wellenberger Ouida G, El Conquistador Unit 105, O.R. Book 02439 Page 1445, Oct. 2.

$62,500 Harloff Michael D, Lack Lisa Rae to Mirabella Caldwell Cheryl, Craig E Caldwell Trust, Caldwell Craig E Trust, Blk 7 Orange Park, O.R. Book 02439 Page 2103, Oct. 2.

$62,000 Eldridge Francis to Hampton David A, Lot 7 Blk F Southwood Village, O.R. Book 02439 Page 5067, Oct. 3.

$61,000 Desoto Holdings Inc to Burnett Ben, Burnett Margit, Lot 107 Onwego Park, O.R. Book 02439 Page 2073, Oct. 2.

$60,500 Kondaur Capital Corporation to Powers Christopher R, Powers Margaret A, Powers Robert G, Blk 2 Elwood Park, O.R. Book 02439 Page 6480, Oct. 4.

$60,000 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to R Sky Investments LLC, Lot 26 Blk B Braden River City, O.R. Book 02438 Page 7947, Oct. 1.

$60,000 Gera Investments Inc to Johnson William H, Johnson Cenetta V, Blk 1 Heather Hills Estates, O.R. Book 02439 Page 4058, Oct. 3.

$60,000 Guerrero Penny D, Schmidt Pamela D to Dacas Lenworth, Dacas April, Pt 1-35-17, O.R. Book 02439 Page 1849, Oct. 2.

$60,000 Jones Charles L, Jones Bette J, Charles L Jones and Bette J Jones Trust to Summer Henry Bowen, Summer Shaelyn, Bayview Grove, O.R. Book 02438 Page 5910, Sept. 28.

$60,000 Porter Joseph F II, Rodway Peter, J Freeman Porter Revocable Living Trust, Porter J Freeman Revocable Living Trust to Mohamed Bibi Safia, Blk 8 Southwood Village, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3544, Oct. 3.

$59,200 HSBC Bank USA, Fremont Home Loan Trust 2006 E to Patel Vimal, Patel Soni, Lot 15 Blk H Bayshore Gardens, O.R. Book 02438 Page 6565, Sept. 28.

$59,000 Nager Francesca to Perez Martinez Selene, Lot 6 Weedy Acres, O.R. Book 02438 Page 6592, Sept. 28.

$57,000 Acklin Michael R, Acklin Michelle to Godinez Ignacio, Manatee Gardens Second Addition, O.R. Book 02438 Page 7404, Oct. 1.

$57,000 Paul Robert Sr, Paul Nivia L to Snape Philip W, Snape Sheila, Golf Lakes Residents Cooperative Unit 390, O.R. Book 02439 Page 5150, Oct. 3.

$56,900 JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Kea Wayne, Kaing Muy, Bay Pointe at Cortez Unit 6102, O.R. Book 02439 Page 0058, Oct. 1.

$55,000 Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Huffstutler Timothy, Lot 195 Manatee Palms, O.R. Book 02438 Page 7375, Oct. 1.

$55,000 Jasinski John S, Jasinski Doris D to Collins Gary L, Collins Nancy E, Piney Point Homeowners Cooperative Unit 233, O.R. Book 02439 Page 4074, Oct. 3.

$54,900 Botero Sonia to Doxtator Tina M, Lot 25 Blk A Townhouses of Lakeside South, O.R. Book 02439 Page 0233, Oct. 1.

$54,900 United States Department Of Housing and Urban Development to Simmons Margaret Elizabeth, Simmons Maxwell Graham, Lot 49 Clear View Manor, O.R. Book 02439 Page 0645, Oct. 2.

$54,680 Central Park Lifestyles LLC to Cefaly Valida C, Lot 350 Central Park, O.R. Book 02439 Page 6494, Oct. 4.

$54,600 Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Wallace Elas, Lakes Unit 107 D, O.R. Book 02439 Page 6460, Oct. 4.

$53,000 Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Kukulski Robert, Palms of Cortez Unit 2, O.R. Book 02438 Page 7779, Oct. 1.

$50,500 Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of New York, Cwalt Inc Alternative Loan Trust 2006 41Cb to Killingsworth Loretta J, Blk A Rio Vista, O.R. Book 02439 Page 0050, Oct. 1.

$50,000 Vinson James M, Vinson Judy A to Villanueva Nelson, Villanueva Frances, Pt 31-33-18, O.R. Book 02439 Page 1631, Oct. 2.

$49,900 Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Stinson Diane M, Garden Walk Unit 606, O.R. Book 02439 Page 2418, Oct. 2.

$49,500 Pfaff Gordon A to Hoover Bruce B, Hoover Judith K, Oakwood Villas Unit 35, O.R. Book 02438 Page 7479, Oct. 1.

$49,000 Cranston Rose M to Betz Dennis E, Betz Beverley C, Chateau Village Unit 74, O.R. Book 02439 Page 1908, Oct. 2.

$48,000 Nunez Brenty to Martyna Fl LLC, Palms Of Cortez Unit 12, O.R. Book 02438 Page 7662, Oct. 1.

$47,500 Giraud Camela Garrison to Vander Veen Linda K, Morningside Unit 413, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3390, Oct. 3.

$45,550 United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Likins Kimberly, Lot 57 Oneco Terrace, O.R. Book 02439 Page 0204, Oct. 1.

$45,000 Avirett Jeffrey R, Avirett Anna Marie to Hedgers Todd E, Mattheis Heather R, Pt 30-34-18, O.R. Book 02439 Page 5234, Oct. 4.

$43,000 Colon Anibal Jr, Colon Zolimar to Westphalen Sandra Erika Pujazon, Sea Mist Building Harbor Pines, Unit 9, O.R. Book 02439 Page 2289, Oct. 2.

$43,000 Kempert Howard W to Moline Thomas Allen Jr, Moline Danette Lee, Shadow Brook Mobile Home Unit, 205, O.R. Book 02438 Page 7579, Oct. 1.

$41,500 Keliher Florence F to Smith Paul, Smith Rena, El Rancho Village Unit E 2, O.R. Book 02439 Page 5096, Oct. 3.

$41,300 Citibank, Wamu Series 2007 He2 Trust to Frazee Jill R, Blk 6 River Haven, O.R. Book 02439 Page 6454, Oct. 4.

$41,100 Holmes Wilkie, McDonald Barbara, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, Holmes Adella, Holmes Wilkie Christopher, Holmes Kierra, Reese Marva Jean, McDonald Teresa Lashone, Mcdonald Terry Lavone, McDonald Ebony Smith, McDonald Tommie Bernard, Flynn Clement, Smith Ebony R to Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of New York, JPMorgan Chase Bank, C Bass Abs LLC Trust, Lot 1 Kingston Groves 2009-Ca-003344, O.R. Book 02439 Page 5438, Oct. 4.

$40,000 Diorides Anthony to Harris Allen G, Idle Wild Court, O.R. Book 02439 Page 1832, Oct. 2.

$40,000 Greb Lawrence C, Boston Trust and Investment Management Company, United States Trust Company, Mitchell J Greb 1995 Trust, Greb Mitchell J 1995 Trust to Vision Properties of Sarasota L L C, Grand Oaks, O.R. Book 02439 Page 1770, Oct. 2.

$40,000 Mygrant Glen, Mygrant Georgeanna, Mygrant Family Living Trust to Geyer Charlene S, Culbreath Beatrice A, Lot 17 Blk M Heather Hills Est, Ates, O.R. Book 02439 Page 1923, Oct. 2.

$40,000 Portfolio Trust LLC to Wfa Fidu Inc, Trust No 109212, Lot 17 Blk A Bay View Park Revised, O.R. Book 02439 Page 5302, Oct. 4.

$37,500 Calderon Sandra to Fredericks Charles, Fredericks Darren, Fredericks Richel, Desoto Square Villas Unit 8 B, O.R. Book 02438 Page 7326, Oct. 1.

$35,000 Chenoweth Ivan W, Chenowith Gloria Marie to Reid C, N S Jones, O.R. Book 02438 Page 5885, Sept. 28.

$35,000 Olsen Evelyn F, Gray Valerie H to Collazo Sandra Lynn, Lot 1 Blk H Casa Loma Mobilehome, O.R. Book 02439 Page 0684, Oct. 2.

$35,000 Pelletz Marc S to Stratford Cross LLC, Lot 79 Pinewood Village, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3346, Oct. 3.

$34,900 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Argent Securities Inc to Hernandez Prudencio, Blk A Manatee Heights, O.R. Book 02439 Page 4322, Oct. 3.

$34,000 Carroll Gary D, Carroll Linda V to Logan Francis K, Villa 86 Parkway Villas Unit 3, O.R. Book 02439 Page 0641, Oct. 2.

$33,750 Hudak Martin, Hudak Bernadette M to Tonkowich David, Garden Walk Unit 2301, O.R. Book 02438 Page 7226, Oct. 1.

$31,000 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Landreville Micheline, Park Acres Estates Unit 83, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3657, Oct. 3.

$30,729 Schultz Theodore L to Craig Ann V, Oakwood Villas Unit 103, O.R. Book 02439 Page 1692, Oct. 2.

$30,000 Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited Inc to Vacation Trust Inc, Via Roma, O.R. Book 02438 Page 6188, Sept. 28.

$30,000 Carr Emily, Osborn Sean to Crook Jennifer S, Crook Timothy W, Lot 9 Blk G North Main St Addition to Palmetto Fla, O.R. Book 02438 Page 6091, Sept. 28.

$30,000 Liberty Savings Bank to Larkins Sandra L, Gressner Bernard J, Lot 8 Blk O Heather Hills Estates, O.R. Book 02438 Page 6136, Sept. 28.

$30,000 Tindall Betty S, Tindall Waldo H to Bryant Donna E, Bryant Bruce, Lot 14 Blk A Desoto Community, O.R. Book 02438 Page 7262, Oct. 1.

$27,500 Frederick Michael C to Burnham Joel, Burnham Nancy, Shadow Brook Mobile Home Unit, 235, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3379, Oct. 3.

$27,000 Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Astro Reo LLC, Pinecrest, O.R. Book 02438 Page 7813, Oct. 1.

$27,000 Holm Byron M, Holm Mary to Gorman Mary Beth, Love Larry, Burgeson Nancy, Lot 15 Blk D Tidevue Estates, O.R. Book 02438 Page 5859, Sept. 28.

$26,900 Loeffler Carl E, Loeffler Mercedes V, Carl E Loeffler Revocable Living Trust, Bank of the Ozarks, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Horizon Bank to Rivera Urbano Felipe Rojas, Rojas Maria G, Jaimes Luis F Rojas, Lot 11 Blk A Sharps Addition to the City of Manatee, O.R. Book 02439 Page 4671, Oct. 3.

$25,800 Lunsford Christina M to Wells Fargo Bank, Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2007 3, Blk C Edgewood Park 2012-Ca-00811, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3302, Oct. 3.

$25,600 Ellis Brandon Cain to Young Claude H, Young Cynthia H, Lot 74 Kenilworth 2012-Ca-001994, O.R. Book 02439 Page 5301, Oct. 4.

$25,000 Chatfield Charles E, Chatfield Mary Lou to Bartlett Jerome Joseph, Bartlett Margaret Ryan, Bartlett Scott Michael, Bartlett Ryan Michael, Second Bayshore Unit L 26, O.R. Book 02439 Page 4021, Oct. 3.

$21,800 Washington Melveen to Desoto Holdings Inc, Lot 10 Blk C Bradenton East, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3349, Oct. 3.

$20,667 Carranza Fidel, Carranza Hilaria, Carranza Maria C to Carranza Maria C, Lot 19 Blk 1 Jackson Park, O.R. Book 02439 Page 1089, Oct. 2.

$0 Central Park Lifestyles LLC, Dow Ernest F to 0, Lot 706 Central Park, O.R. Book 02439 Page 3118, Oct. 3.

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