Creators SyndicateOctober 7, 2012 

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Bill begs Katie for forgiveness as she explains to him what will happen to their family if he is prosecuted for his actions regarding Deacon. An appalled Donna inadvertently overhears Bill and Katie's conversation and promptly threatens to tell Hope and Liam. As Rick is trying to discourage Hope from giving Liam another chance, Othello arrives to tell her the truth. Donna sets out in search of Hope and Liam to tell them the truth about why their relationship failed. As a means to redeem himself with Katie, Bill agrees to accept the consequences of his actions. Armed with new information about Bill, Steffy and Liam, Donna encourages Hope to move on with her life. Bill worries that Donna's spilling the beans will cause him to lose the most important thing in his life: his family. Othello calls Rick out on his scheme to steal Caroline away from Thomas by ensuring that Hope remains single. Steffy and Liam, not realizing that their secret has been discovered, bask in their love and affection for each other. Rick's next move to win Caroline over is to surprise her with her very own Forrester Creations collection. Rick and Caroline grow closer as they fantasize about running the company side-by-side.

SNEAK PEEK: Brooke seeks a new beginning.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sami arrives at Rafe's, wanting to know if they still have a chance. She's crushed when Rafe cuts things off with her, saying they can't be together. Chad -- reeling from Melanie's Dear John letter -- vows to tell the police about Gabi's part in Melanie's kidnapping. Gabi pleads with him to reconsider, but it's to no avail. Nick tells Chad that if he exposes Gabi, then Nick will press assault charges against Chad. Chad is forced to back down, and Nick makes him sign legal papers to hold him to the deal. Gabi thanks Nick, and they share a sweet kiss. Rafe realizes the hold E.J. has over him -- the thing that's keeping him from Sami -- is gone. After a few near misses, Sami and Rafe finally find each other, and their look speaks volumes. They come together in a kiss just as a horrified E.J. arrives to see. Stunned by the sight, E.J. does not pick up his ringing phone, unaware that Stefano is on the other line. Nicole's checkup with an ob-gyn becomes a nightmare, as tests confirm that her baby is, in fact, dead.

SNEAK PEEK: Jennifer is charged with murder.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: The guests gather for Sonny's wedding on the Haunted Star. Sonny insists on seeing the bride so he can query her on her argument with Trey. Spinelli appears with Ellie, his date, much to Maxie's chagrin, so she can't reveal her feelings. Dante and Michael have a nice moment with Sonny before the wedding, and then Sonny tells Milo and Max to watch for Joe Jr. in case he tries to pull something. Elizabeth goes to pick up Jason for the wedding, and he shows her the divorce papers from Sam and talks about his sadness due to the fact that he couldn't give Sam her baby back. Elizabeth is increasingly guilt-ridden. Elizabeth makes a confession to Jason. Jason calls John over for a private talk. Jason and McBain must work together to figure out their next move. Tea Delgado receives a visit from John McBain, who needs to speak to her about her son. Before he can get into details, Tea discovers Victor is missing. Jason is unable to contact Sonny and chalks it up to wedding night activities. Carly's enraged and breaks down with Todd, who comforts her. She says she needs to go home, but Todd convinces her to stay. Tracy must decide what to do about Joe Jr. Steve apologizes to Olivia for not believing her about his mother. They're both concerned that her hallucinations may never go away, but they also realize they're more like premonitions than hallucinations. Olivia wishes she could help find a still-on-the-lose Heather.

SNEAK PEEK: Sam gets thrilling news.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Phyllis tells Daniel that someone used Sheila Carter's name to get Daisy released from Fairview. Ronan informs Phyllis that Christine had him dropped from her case. Ronan starts to tell Phyllis that he loves her, but she lets him know that she wants to stay married to Nick. Danny informs Phyllis that he knows she ran down Christine and Paul, but she continues to deny it. Nina tells Ronan that she's disappointed that he put his career on the line by having an affair with Phyllis. Ronan visits Phyllis, and he lets her know that he doesn't judge her. Sharon pleads with Nick to ask Victor to drop the charges against her. Victor arrives, and Sharon attempts to make peace with him, and he lets her know that he's through with her. Tucker visits Sharon, and he tells her he feels sorry for her. Victor and Nikki reunite. Jack threatens to prove that Tucker took drastic measures to manipulate the Newman stock price and that Genevieve can corroborate his story. Tucker is angry that Genevieve betrayed him and that she didn't say anything about Victor's return to Genoa City. He tells her she is moving out of the Club as he packs her things. She tells him that she has enough money to support herself now and that she doesn't need him. Sarge talks with Jack about his brother and how he blames himself for his death. When Ricky's knife is found, all fingerprints have been wiped off.

SNEAK PEEK: The trial begins.

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