Wig out with 8 celebrity, musician and character hairdos for Halloween

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You might have your Halloween costume planned out down to the smallest detail, but if your character requires a very specific hairstyle different from your own, you risk not being recognized in character. That's why a good wig can make or break your outfit. Sometimes, all you really need is a wig to make your costume work. Here are a few great costume and character wigs to make your look the hit of the night.

For adults

Snooki: What is a Snooki costume without a Snooki hairdo? Answer: a common New Jersey floozy. So get yourself a short skirt, a low-cut top and slather on the fake tanner. But (and this is a must) top the look off with a Snooki Wig, which comes equipped with the signature pouf, for $14.95 from Costume Kingdom. Extra bonus: Modify the outfit to include ballerina flats, skinny jeans and a muscle T-shirt, and you can be Amy Winehouse. (http://www.costumekingdom.com/p-17223-snooki-wig-jersey-shore.aspx)

Rocker: The white T-shirt and jeans that you're wearing might be your day-to-day, off-hours look, but when you add a Party City klassy-with-a-K flat mullet wig ($16.99) that's business in the front/party in the back, you're instantly transformed into a '70s rocker. (http://www.partycity.com/product/flat+mullet+wig.do?sortby=ourPicks&size=all&navSet=271507)

Marilyn Monroe: You've got the white halter dress and the red lipstick, but without those platinum blonde locks, you're just hot, not some "Some Like It Hot" hot. The HalloweenCostumes.com Classic Marilyn Costume Wig ($14.99) with perfect waves around the crown and face will seal the deal. (http://www.halloweencostumes.com/acc-classic-mar


Rick James: Listen, you can get the fly 1970s pimpin' suit, but you're just a guy wearing outdated fashion unless you show up donning the famous singer's trademark curls. Even if you're not African-American like the late James, everyone will know who you're paying homage to with this Supa Freakin Mens Rick James Wig ($17.95) from Costume Kingdom.

For kids

Dora the Explorer: You don't necessarily have to buy a Dora the Explorer costume. You can always just dig up a pink shirt, orange shorts and orange or purple backpack. But unless your lil' miss has the character's patented dark-brown bob with bangs, she's gonna need a wig. This exaggerated Quality Dora the Explorer Children's Halloween Wig ($29.95) from Bonanza will get the job done. (http://www.bonanza.com/listings/QUALITY-DORA-THE-EXPLORER-CHILDREN-S-HALLOWEEN-WIG)

Pippi Longstocking: This fiery redhead is a tried-and-true character who still resonates with kids today. After all, she's bossy, has a forthright personality and a rebellious streak. If you've got overalls and a T-shirt, you're only two-thirds of the way there. You need the Pippi Longstockings Wig ($14.99) from Buy.com with its gravity-defying pigtails to complete the outfit. (http://www.buy.com/prod/pippi-longstockings-wig-one-size/224357950.html?listingId=159001109)

Superman: Even if you've got the bodysuit with the "S" logo and the dazzling red cape, it's likely that your kid doesn't yet sport a slick dark-haired pompadour. Make him look like the superhero he is by buying him the Costume Craze Kids Superman Vinyl Wig ($13.08), which totally would've given Christopher Reeve a run for his money in sheen and style. (http://www.costumecraze.com/SUPR29.html)

Dorothy: Gingham dress? Check. Ruby slippers? Check. Curly brown ringlets? Uh-oh. Time for a wig with long, dark braids ($17.99) from Halloween Express to save the day for this "The Wizard of Oz" costume. Unless, of course, she changes her mind and wants to be the Cowardly Lion -- roar. (http://www.halloweenexpress.com/wizard-dorothy-wig-p-1403.html)

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