Willowbrook homeowners, unite to fight builder over poor construction

August 16, 2012 

Willowbrook residents, I urge you to stick together and stand. For many people their home is the largest investment they will ever make.

Having it crumble with poor workmanship is devastating, particularly when it is done by a well known contractor and approved by Manatee County inspectors. The consumer pays both.

My experience began with a well known contractor having an impressive resume of customers for a remodel and enlargement of a master bath and closet. A lengthy contract was signed, which essentially removed most of the responsibility from the contractor by an arbitration clause.

An inexperienced project manager and the cheapest subcontractors were hired. Numerous mistakes were made along with the poor design. The enlarged closet turned out smaller than his own plan.

I didn't know that any errors made on previous customers were compensated for by "the next project." We were "the next project."

My first clue came during the last walk-through when I stated I wasn't happy with the result. His associate replied: "I am sorry we did a bad job for you. I am concerned with what is behind the walls."

In a short time tile became loose in the flooring. It was found the tile was installed over loose sand poured on an uneven floor. Everything had been approved by inspectors. The whole project went many months over its projected finish date.

With a contractor overseeing his workers, having an eye for fine design and workmanship, I now have properly installed tile, natural light and a solid wood cabinet. With selectively placed shelves and rods, the closet was improved. "Ugly duckling" was transformed into a "swan."

Stand together because a single voice is lost. A group will be heard.

Dell L. Baird


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