Britney Spears makes 'news' with bikini picture: commentary

July 8, 2012 

Britney Spears, or whoever handles her these days, shared a picture.

"Getting ready for some pool time!

Having a blast xxoo," she wrote.

The fuzzy photo of Spears, joined by her two sons, went out to the pop star's 18.3 million followers.

And anyone else clicking on

That was Thursday.

I saw it Friday around noon.

While looking for column fodder.

On Google News.

Scanned the Entertainment section:

Jennifer Garner.

Katie Holmes.

Kelly Ripa.

Britney Spears.

I've had success trying to make sense of the Femme Fatale's popularity in the past.

So I clicked.

"Britney's back! Spears tweets sizzling bikini photo while on vacation in Hawaii," read the headline from the New York Daily News.

"'The X Factor' judge celebrated the Fourth of July in the Aloha State with her two sons, Preston, 6, and Jayden, 5, and fiance Jason Trawick," the subhed informed.

"The sexy snap is proof that the pop princess is back on the right track."


How is this Google News?

I investigated.

By Googling it.

"Google News headlines are selected entirely by computer algorithms, based on factors like how often and where a story appears online."

That's what Google told me.

"Google News has no human editors selecting stories or deciding which ones deserve top placement ...

(It) relies on the collective judgment of online news organizations to determine which stories are most deserving of prominence on the News homepage."

Reminds me of that quote about democracy and getting the government you deserve.

Same goes for the "news" these days, I guess.

Am I guilty?


Been writing about Spears since at least 2003.

Reviewed her "In the Zone" album.

Wrote for a major daily newspaper that, "Sans the Lolita gimmick, Spears is just another scantily clad sex kitten, willing to pole dance and purr to distract listeners from her subpar singing."

It's still out there.

Just Google it.

Wade Tatangelo, features writer, can be reached at 941-745-7057. Follow

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