Naked man bites grandfather; Manatee deputies use Tasers to arrest cursing suspect in Palmetto

ejohnson@bradenton.comJune 21, 2012 

PALMETTO -- Deputies used Taser devices to subdue and arrest an out-of-control naked man who severely bit the arm of his victim Wednesday night, the Manatee County Sheriff's Office reports.

Charles Baker, 26, was charged with aggravated battery and resisting/obstructing an officer, and taken to Manatee County Jail after being evaluated at Manatee Memorial Hospital. He is being held without bond, the sheriff's office reports.

Baker went to the house in the 100 block of 25th Street West at about 10:15 p.m. to visit his children, who stay with their grandparents, while under the influence of an unknown drug, the sheriff's report said.

When Baker was allowed into the house, he began cursing, screaming, throwing furniture around, and removing his clothes, the report said.

Jeffrey Blake, owner of the house and the grandfather of the children, attempted to restrain Baker, and was bitten on his biceps as he took Baker to the floor.

“I don’t know what was in his body, but it was powerful,” Blake said. “He’s always up and down, but I’ve never seen him like this. To me, it was wild.”

Blake told the Bradenton Herald he was sitting on the porch when he heard a loud noise that sounded “like someone turned something over." When he went inside, he saw a naked Baker standing there.

“I charged him and grabbed him, not to fight,” said Blake, who was restraining Baker until police arrived.

Blake said Baker turned and bit his bicep, which Thursday was swollen and bruised with signs of teeth marks.

“I didn’t know it until after the fight,” Blake said. “All I’m thinking about was my family.”

Blake said he didn’t understand why Baker would act like that in front of his children, all younger than 10.

“He needs some help, whatever his problem is,” Baker said. “My granddaughter is really shook up about it.”

Baker had been at the home earlier Wednesday and told his children he would stop by to see them later, Blake said.

When deputies arrived, Baker was allowed to get up, but refused to comply with deputies' orders.

Baker faced the deputies, tensing his body, clenching his fists and screaming. Baker, still naked, acted like he was going to rush the deputies, the report said.

One of the deputies warned Baker and then used his Taser. Baker fell to the ground, tried to get back up, and was hit a second time with the Taser. Baker pulled the probes out, and a second deputy used his Taser. Those probes were also pulled out, and a second cartridge was used, the report said.

By this time, several other deputies had arrived and were able to hold Baker down and handcuff him.

Baker was previously incarcerated in state prison from Dec. 5, 2007 to April 30, 2008 and March 24, 2010 to Sept. 24, 2011 on convictions related to selling cocaine, according to the Florida Department of Corrections.

Blake did not seek medical treatment Wednesday night, but did get a Tetanus shot Thursday.

Shadaryl Washington, Baker’s sister, said she was shocked Thursday morning when she heard the news.

“It’s not him. It’s hard for anyone to hear something like that,” Washington said. “I was speechless, surprised. I was like, ‘You’re talking about my brother?’”

Washington said the two families, who live just houses apart, are close to one another.

“We try to do anything for the kids,” she said. “No matter our differences, there are children involved. My children go there, they come here. We try to raise them together.”

Washington said she was under the impressions Baker was working to gain custody of his children.

“He loves his kids,” she said. “That’s his world.”

Washington said the family plans to fully support Baker.

“He knows we all love him and we’ll stand behind him 100 percent,” Washington said. “If he’s hurting, we’re hurting. We’re all going to get through this together.”

Baker’s father, also Charles Baker, allegedly killed himself March 8 at Skyway Memorial Cemetery after police say he shot Kevin Parillo to death in Rubonia.

Blake’s mother, Lynda Brooks, arrived at Blake’s home Thursday morning to see her son.

“I can’t say I hate him, but I’m not happy with what he did to my son,” she said of Baker.

The report set off a frenzy of media coverage, where some reports used the word "zombie."

Thursday afternoon, David Bristow, sheriff's spokeman, issued a followup comment.

"Obviously, the story above has received a lot of media attention. The news release written by the supervisor on duty last night describes the bite as taking a chunk of meat from the victim’s arm. It was a small chunk and the victim did not want medical attention. Also, tests run at the hospital showed marijuana and opiates in the suspect’s system. At this time, we don’t know what else he took, if anything, which could have contributed to his bizarre behavior," Bristow said.

Bristow said Baker will later be questioned to determine what may have caused his actions.

“Anytime you have to use a Taser more than once, you know that the person is probably under the influence of something,” Bristow said. “Normally you tase somebody and that’s it. You get automatic compliance.”

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