Public record for May 13

May 13, 2012 


Foreclosed properties to be sold either online or at 11 a.m. on the days listed at the Manatee County Courthouse/Annex. Listed are the borrower's name, the amount of the trust deed, the lender, the file number and online or Annex. For online foreclosure sales visit



Christopher M. Hoffman et al, $362,055.32, Bank of New York Mellon et al, 2008-CA-004014, online.

Thomas J. Robinson IV et al, $291,263.75, The Bank of New York et al, 2008-CA-004699, online.

Keith May et al, $400,605.07, Bank of New York, 2008-CA-008043, online.

Ronald Eugene Hochstetler et al, $250,581.53, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2008-CA-010709, online.

Edith Minksa et al, $412,823.18, Bank of America NA, 2008-CA-011641, online.

Christopher Olson et al, $470,250.47, Countrywide Home Loans Inc., 2008-CA-011797, online.

Joanne Welch et al, $224,586.48, Suntrust Mortgage Inc. et al, 2008-CA-011826, online.

Troy Ladouseur et al, $231,621.29, Flagstar Bank FSB et al, 2008-CA-012376, online.

Jorge J. Carvalho et al, $244,557.49, HSBC Bank USA, 2009-CA-000005, online.

Thomas Walkup et al, $229,214.42, Provident Funding Associates LP, 2009-CA-000062, online.

David M. Cozad et al, $345,583.08, SUntrust Mortgage Inc., 2009-CA-000310, online.

Edward Roberts et al, $246,451.49, GMAC Mortgage LLC, 2009-CA-000497, online.

Donald Cade et al, $145,337.54, JP Morgan Chase Bank et al, 2009-CA-001345, online.

Raniece Kindra Raburn, $109,841.20, Wells Fargo Bank, 2009-CA-002470, online.

Jeromy D. Pugh et al, $278,125.11, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2009-CA-002755, online.


Kevin Flessner et al, $274,225.68, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2009-CA-000491, online.

Highland Investment Group LLC, $139,540.57, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, 2009-CA-000546, online.

Highland Investment Group LLC, $107,646.38, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, 2009-CA-000551, online.

EM Ltd. et al, $821,726.11, Citibank NA, 2009-CA-000560, online.

Derek Taaca et al, $884,978.42, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company et al, 2009-CA-000886, online.

David W. Swartz et al, $521,159.79, Wachovia Mortgage FSB, 2009-CA-000890, online.

Corey D. Bennett Sr. et al, $433,163.31, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP, 2009-CA-001357, online.

Eileen Nygard et al, $236,173.80, Aurora Loan Services LLC, 2009-CA-001573, online.

Sandra F. Bacon, $199,626.28, HSBC Bank USA NA, 2009-CA-001628, online.

James D. Potter et al, $425,748.54, HSBC Bank USA NA, 2009-CA-001678, online.

Glenn Barich, $1,114,063.19, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, 2009-CA-001788, online.


Gordon Powers et al, $835,504.19, HSBC Bank USA NA, 2008-CA-010598, online.

G.M. Holmes et al, $113,204.02, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 2009-CA-000147, online.

Gabriel Reed, $178,904.70, Synovus Bank of Tampa Bay, 2009-CA-001939, online.

Christopher K. Bingham et al, $188,293.78, HSBC Bank USA NA, 2009-CA-002143, online.

James E. Hall et al, $207,038.80, Deutsche Bank National trust Company, 2009-CA-002462, online.

Paul A. Sharff et al, $788,217.18, M&I Marshall and Isley Bank, 2009-CA-005592, online.


Shawn Presutto, $259,498.06, Bank of New York Mellon, 2009-CA-002509, online.


The following businesses have applied for licenses:


Bryant Management Group, 4550 47th St. W., Unit 1025, administrative office, Tsz Tung Chu, 813-369-9374.

Double J Cleaning Solutions LLC, 3005 Southern Pkwy. W., janitorial, Jessica Dukes, 941-761-9519.

Douglas Knight & Associates Inc., 1201 Sixth Ave. W., Suite 201, agent or agency, David Meketon, no tel.

Esly's Cleaning Service, 1818 Martin Luther King Ave. E., Apt. C, janitorial, Esly Martinez, 941-308-6459.

Friends of the Central Library, Inc., 1301 Barcarrota Blvd., merchant or merchandising, Judy Wetter, 941-755-4582.

Herbie Rose Studio, 923 13th St. W., profession, Herbert Rose, 941-746-4468.

Jerome J. Marchetti, 4802 51st St. W., Unit 323, rental units, Jerome Marchetti, no tel.

Lisa Kelty's Superior Cleaning Service, 4601 66th St. W., Apt. 715B, janitorial, Lisa Kelty, 321-231-6259.

Nancy B. Peterson, 1387 Perico Point Circle, rental units, Nancy Peterson, no tel.

Studio X2 Architects, 510 Seventh St. E., profession, Tina Long-Forslund, 941-266-1761.


The following businesses or individuals in Manatee and Sarasota counties have filed petitions in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Tampa. Number in parentheses is the case number.

Ch. 7 Liquidation

(Assets are liquidated to pay creditors.)


Carol Ann Alcamo, 4530 9th St. E #51, Bradenton. (12-06935).

Beverly A. Cullinan, 6500 Flotilla Dr. #166, Holmes Beach. (12-06837).

Timothy John Foran, 3409 57th Ave. Dr. W, Bradenton. (12-06839).

Gustavo Gonzalez-Perez, 4012 3rd Ave. Blvd. E, Palmetto. (12-06998).

Jammie Robert and Crystal Gayle Jewell, 7008 50th Ave. E, Palmetto. (12-06915).

Kelly A. and Cynthia Y. Keith, 6523 Columbia Dr., Bradenton. (12-06662).

Jordan Kripas, 6023 2nd St. W, Bradenton. (12-06970).

Michael James and Christina Luciano, 1607 86th St. NW, Bradenton. (12-06888).

Adrian and Ventura Lynch, 8001 Lake Dr., Palmetto. (12-06708).

Kathy Sue Lynn, 121 Rosebrook Court, Reynoldsburg. (12-06827).

Robert Douglas Maiden, 8449 Gardens Cir. #7, Sarasota. (12-06753).

Nicole Danielle and Nathanael Cavenee Manassa, 4601 66th St. W #612A, Bradenton. (12-06799).

Cheryl A. Nichols, 1249 Millbrook Cir., Bradenton. (12-06898).

Doris Faye Perry, 5440 1st St., Bradenton. (12-06897).

Luis A. Rodriguez, 6000 Medici Court #206, Sarasota.(12-06823).

Sharon K. Rourk, 4000 20th St. W #206, Bradenton. (12-06622).

Shvonne Eselt Townsend, 4550 47th St. W #1231, Bradenton. (12-07000).

Darryl G. Watton, 4802 51st St. W #508, Bradenton. (12-06869).

Patricia Allene Woodard, 6710 36th Ave. E #33, Palmetto. (12-06667).

Michelle L. Zornes, 6412 Case Ave., Bradenton. (12-06901).


Alstrom & Associates Inc., 723 Jungle Queen Way, Longboat Key. (12-06833).

Christine M. Atwater, 655 Edwards St., Englewood. (12-06735).

James Thomas and Kathryn E. Barnes, 6174 Talbot St., North Port. (12-06756).

Robin M. Bender-Tarleton, 6223 Gateway Ave., Sarasota. (12-06687).

Lauralynn Briches, 5233 Sunnydale Cir. S, Sarasota. (12-06828).

Fred Clark and Kathleen A. Chamberlain, 3975 Berlin Dr., Sarasota. (12-06992).

Janusz and Jolanta Checiek, 2142 Snover Ave., North Port. (12-06696).

Diana Arway Cohen, 407 Dorchester Dr., Venice. (12-06960).

Nicholas J. Contos, 4220 King Richard Court, Sarasota. (12-07023).

Naomi DeHart, 27 Charleston Cir., Englewood. (12-06554).

Jessica Lynn Fleming, 7828 Limestone Ln., Sarasota. (12-07022).

Krystal Nycole Forrester, 7923 Limestone Ln., Sarasota. (12-07033).

Roger P. and Luldes Maria Frechette, 407 Waterside Ln., Nokomis. (12-06723).

Justin T. Geick, 6470 Beechwood Ave., Sarasota. (12-06750).

Donna Jean Guerrieri, 5746 Benevento Dr., Sarasota. (12-06834).

Jack L. and Lilia Johnson, 7125 Fruitville Rd. #1121, Sarasota. (12-06600).

Michelle L. Klinger, 3153 Jennings Dr., Sarasota. (12-06613).

Stephen Robert Levi, II, 540 Hobart Rd., Venice. (12-06611).

Deborah Mathie O'Connell, 4570 Ringwood Meadows, Sarasota. (12-06763).

Jose Ymson and Merle Domingo Ontog, Jr., 5135 Greenwood Ave. #212, North Port. (12-06760).

Robert Luther Phillips, 3751 S School Ave. #27, Sarasota. (12-06955).

Oleg P. Pikovets, 345 Glen Oak Rd., Venice. (12-06909).

Jennifer Rosendale, 1021 Ohana Way #203, North Port. (12-06976).

Price Mitch and Debra Lynn Siford, Jr., 5250 Bunyan St., Sarasota. (12-06752).

Walter N. White, 3517 Riviera Dr., Sarasota. (12-06665).

Julie A. Wilson, 2639 23rd St., Sarasota. (12-06959).

Ch. 11 Reorganization

(Petitioners are shielded from creditor's claims while a financial reorganization plan is developed.)

MANATEE and sarasota None.

Ch. 13 Debt Adjustments

(Petitioner arranges plan to repay debts.)


Clarence Stanley and Carolyn Vise Davis, 3510 59th Ave. Dr. E, Bradenton. (12-06745).

Margaret Joy Hall, 7625 268th St. E, Myakka City. (12-06910).

Diana Kaeding, 912 22nd St. W, Bradenton. (12-06598).

Brian J. Kehoe, 8980 White Sage Loop, Bradenton. (12-06652).

Carl Loeffler, 7282 55th Ave. E Pmb 195, Bradenton. (12-06991).

Mark L. Moyer, 7561 Westmoreland Dr., Sarasota. (12-06843).

Deborah Ann Stone, 9952 Cherry Hills Ave. Cir., Bradenton. (12-06838).

Jesse Clinton and Beth Leigh Sunday, 15367 Blue Fish Cir., Bradenton. (12-06957).

David Dwight and David Dwight Van Pelt, 11523 Palmbrush Trl. #214, Lakewood Ranch. (12-06653).

Robert Mack Willis, Jr., 4408 26th Ave. E, Bradenton. (12-06899).


Cyntia A. Andrade, 6801 Erica Ln., Sarasota. (12-06661).

Arne N. and Maria Lucia L. Backlund, 2025 Sandrala Dr., Sarasota. (12-06714).

Gwen M. Faucett, 1310 Kew Gardens Ave., North Port. (12-06963).

Anne Victoria Hill, 950 Jamaica Rd., Venice. (12-06736).

Mark Fredrick Anthony and Natasha Lynn Howard, 1138 Music Ln., North Port. (12-06782).

Cynthia James, 8065 Larrimore Ave., North Port. (12-06596).

Naomi M. Konke, 4468 Atwood Cay Cir., Sarasota. (12-07024).

Rosemary K. Longson, 2210 Blackwood Dr., Venice. (12-06747).

Patricia A. Lucas, 4186 Summertree Rd., Venice. (12-06961).

William Louis and Deborah Ann Murray, 2055 Roscoe Ln., North Port. (12-06738).

Phillis Jane Pritchard, 4231 Whispering Oaks Dr., North Port. (12-07026).

Natalee Jo Simon, 41 Loyola Rd., Venice. (12-06783).

David Edward White, PO Box 5194, Sarasota. (12-06681).

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