Florida Gov. Rick Scott approval rating drops to 33 percent

December 8, 2011 

Gov. Rick Scott's approval rating slip to 33 percent, down from 36 percent last month, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll this morning.

That drops Scott below Ohio's John Kasich, another unpopular, first-year Republican governor. Meanwhile, the swing state poll shows Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, who has faced questions about whether he could have done more as attorney general in Penn State's sex abuse scandal, saw his approval inch up one point to 37 percent.

Here are the numbers:

DEC. 8:

Scott: 33 percent approve, 52 percent disapprove, 15 percent don't know.

Kasich: 38, 50, 12.

Corbett: 47, 34, 19.

Nov. 10:

Scott: 36 percent approve, 50 percent disapprove, 14 percent don't know.

Kasich: 36, 51, 12.

Corbett: 46, 31, 23.

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