Scholarly letter writers offer informative references

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 4

October 3, 2011 

Thank you for publishing the excellent letters of Myra Jones and Robert Phillipoff in Thursday’s Opinion page.

Ms. Jones addresses “class warfare,” which is the term Republicans have adopted to criticize any of the achievements President Obama has made during his first term in office. With her usual scholarly integrity, Ms. Jones directs us to I repeat this reference in the hope that others will benefit from sound factual data as I did.

Robert Phillipoff, another scholar who contributes to your paper often, also gives important references that were informative for me as they will be for anyone who accesses them. Project on Government Oversight details important comparisons of categories of government spending. Google this and enjoy some findings that will enrich your understanding of what is happening in our government.

I agree with Mr. Phillipoff that the way forward should resemble the FDR “New Deal” legislation that saved our country in the Great Depression era and helped us prepare for victory in the second world war.

I am old enough to remember all of those days and experienced them from the perspective of one of the “Grapes of Wrath” in the Oklahoma dust bowl region and points west.

Thanks again for publication of letters from Myra Jones and Robert Phillipoff. Always informative and stimulating.

Sam Wade Sears Bradenton

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