Manatee school district selling property

Board members give OK to put up 6 sites for sale

ataylor@bradenton.comAugust 4, 2011 

BRADENTON -- At least six different sites in Manatee County are up for sale after a Wednesday school board workshop. The sites are owned by the school district and worth more than an estimated $6 million.

School board members held the workshop to distinguish which of the district’s 22 properties should be kept and sold. Board members received recommendations of properties to discuss from the facilities committee, which met earlier this year as a sub-group of the budget committee.

Schools Executive Planner Mike Pendley reviewed the 22 properties with board members. It is believed the sale of the sites could add capital revenue to the district. Pendley said the coming school year’s budget was balanced by cutting $14 million. But selling the property could help the district’s bottom line, he added.

“By the time you sell some of that property, you’ll be a little bit ahead,” Pendley said.

One of the properties for sale is the Owens Annex, a lot on the corner of First Street. With an estimated value of $1.6 million, it’s one of the most valuable pieces of property owned by the district. It currently houses the human resources department.

“We have received an offer on this property I am negotiating at this time,” Pendley said.

But board members preferred to get an updated value of the property putting it on the market.

“We don’t know what that property’s worth,” board vice chairman Harry Kinnan said. “I’d suggest strongly that we pull that back in. I don’t think it’s something in my best interest to close on.”

The last appraisal on that site was three years ago. Board members agreed with Kinnan about not moving forward.

Kinnan also offered some procedural steps to be taken before selling any of the sites. Some of his suggestions were to get a broker’s opinion of value and offer specific questions to the broker such as: Who do you feel the target buyers of this asset are?

Board members agreed with Kinnan and offered their concerns about sites on the list that are near schools. They would like to have input on what type of buyer purchases property near a school site.

The sites for sale include:

n A 1.36-acre lot at First Street in Bradenton

n A parcel of less than 1 acre at 234 Manatee Ave. E.

n A 7.5-acre property on 26th Avenue West

n A 1.7-acre property used to house an old Ellenton school

n An outparcel behind the district’s professional support center on 63rd Avenue East.

Board members also considered two sites near Braden River High School -- a small outparcel and another 10-acre site on the corner of Caruso Road.

A 3.5-acre Bayshore High School parcel was also discussed, however, board members wanted to get insight from the school’s advisory council before making a decision.

The school support center, which is the main administration building, and the old Palmetto Elementary School site were two of the sites board members decided to keep.

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