Commentary: Strategies to get high rankings on web searches

July 6, 2011 

Many people believe you can only get your products listed on the first page of search engines through search engine optimization and paid advertisements often listed on the top and right.

Don’t get me wrong, these two are very important and should be included in your marketing plan, but they are not the only methods available. I have three words that will completely change how you think about your products and search engines -- other people’s money. There are people and companies that have spent millions of dollars to get their websites ranked on the first page. All you need to do is ride their coat tails.

Let’s start with Amazon. They are a multi-billion dollar online marketplace that ranks very well on search engines. Test this theory by searching for several of your own items and see if Amazon shows on the first page. If you get listed on Amazon and Amazon is on the first page, then your product will be on the first page by association. The key is to get listed on Amazon for the exact product that is on the first page of search engines. Amazon makes this very easy. There is a button on every product page of Amazon that says “sell yours here” that allows adding your product to the list with the other companies. To make this process faster, Amazon allows you to import your items using a spreadsheet with your products, prices and a unique “ASIN” code. Do the same searches and go to the Amazon page. Instead of clicking on the button, copy the “ASIN” code from the product details section into your spreadsheet. As you do searches, look for other marketplaces that rank well and apply this same strategy.

Beyond marketplaces that sell your products, you may find product comparison sites that list products with links to your website. Google Shopping, Pricegrabber and TheFind are common examples. Like Amazon above, do some searches to see which sites rank best. Many of these sites also will allow you to import your products. Make sure you use the same description, UPC code and part numbers as the product that ranked well. This will help ensure your product gets added to this page.

Product review sites also are often in the top search results. By adding a well thought out review, you can not only get listed well on search engines, but also be seen as an expert in your community. When you create your user name for the review site, use your company website address so people can easily find you. If you don’t have first-hand knowledge of your products, include a request for reviews in your shipment notices. Also list those reviews on your own website and give shoppers a reason to stay on your site. To find the product review sites for you, do some searches and see who pops up the most.

Many of the search engines are adding a social recommendation section to their listings. This is another opportunity to get your products on top pages on someone else’s coat tails. Make sure you give shoppers on your website the ability to recommend your pages on sites like Google, Facebook and Twitter. This is a popular tool that can quickly add this function to most websites.

With a little research and time, you just may end up with your products not only ranked well but also ranked often.

Stephen Jaynes, vice president of sales at xByte Technologies, can be reached at or (941) 358-9770.

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