Manatee's featured fugitives for Feb. 20

Manatee’s featured fugitives

February 20, 2011 

Jorge Valente Roque

DOB 12-7-79

5’9”, 180 lbs.

Wanted in Sexual Battery

Robert Contarino

DOB 11-1-83

6’3”, 180 lbs.

Wanted in

John Davis

DOB 8-28-60

5’10”, 200 lbs.

Wanted in Dealing Stolen Property, Domestic Battery by Strangulation

Larry Graham

DOB 7-26-50

5’6”, 170 lbs.

Wanted in Bench Warrant Ref Poss Firearm By Convicted Felon,

Failure To Change Address, Poss More Than 1 Valid Fl Dl

Elizabeth Walpole

DOB 9-5-91

5’6”, 130 lbs.

Wanted In VOP Ref Burglary

Brett Tanksley

DOB 11-23-86

5’9”, 170 lbs.

Wanted In VOP Ref Burglary 2 Cts,

Attempted Burglary

Jeffrey Bayley

DOB 4-18-67

5’11”, 230 lbs.

Wanted In VOP & Order Revoking Bond

Ref Leaving Scene Of Crash W/ Injury

Woodreta Pressey

DOB 6-11-91

5’8”, 130 lbs.

Wanted in Burglary w/ Battery

Christopher Griggs

DOB 7-31-85

5’8”, 170 lbs.

Wanted in Grand Theft

Travis White

DOB 12-4-84

6’0”, 220 lbs.

Wanted in Aggravated Assault on Officer,

VOP Ref Purse Snatching

Shardae Jackson

DOB 2-14-86

5’5”, 220 lbs.

Wanted in VOP Ref Grand Theft Auto

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