October 29, 2009 

David Fink, CFA discovered his true passion - helping people manage and grow their wealth while protecting their families from the unexpected. As a result, local families and businesses can now access the financial experience and attention that most planners have traditionally made available only to the very wealthy.

After receiving his MBA, David worked directly for Thomas James, Chairman/CEO of Raymond James Financial. Exposure to the highest levels of the financial industry provided David with unique insights early in his career.

In 1996, David became CFO/COO of an investment firm catering to very high net-worth individuals and corporations. He experienced the challenges and rewards of managing a small business while gaining invaluable experience with the techniques used managing his clients' estates and protecting their families.

"After our Founder retired in 2006 the firm closed. Knowing I had more free time, my mother asked for my help because her advisor was not paying attention to her," explains David. "She had saved a respectable amount, but could not obtain the help she needed and unfortunately, there are many people in the same situation. It was then that I decided to refocus my efforts in helping the people who truly need it - the ones that have done everything right, but do not have 'enough' to warrant the kind of expertise and attention they truly need and deserve."

David joined Rogan & Associates to pursue his goal of guiding his client down a path to financial freedom by providing "Practical Planning for Real People."

David R. Fink, CFA ~ Director, Sarasota/Bradenton

The Experience You Need. The Personal Attention That You Deserve.

Rogan & Associates ~ 6151 Lake Osprey Dr. ~ Ste. 302 ~ Lakewood Ranch, FL

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